What I’ve Been Playing!

Hello and welcome back!

I told you that we would get back to normal and here we go!

PS4: Crash Bandicoot – This brought back all the nostalgia for me. I got to enjoy this with Mathew, and he had never played Crash so it was great to be able to show him a part of my childhood. I will say, some the complaining on the Internet about the game being harder than the original, I didn’t find to be all that true. The things I sucked at as a kid, I still suck at as an adult. I love the updated look to the game but the cut scenes at the beginning definitely threw me off. Overall this game lived up to all of my expectations.

PS3: Katamari Forever – After my post on KatamariΒ Mathew and I were just itching to play Katamari. I finally had someone to play co-op and vs. with. It was great. But I think we both had more fun switching off on levels. I’ve actually only ever played Katamari traditionally, never on the drive mode. Neither had Mathew so we got to experience the chaotic-ness of that. Drive mode is where you go super fast and your ball is really hard to handle, like a super fast racecar. We both got terrible scores most of the time causing Roboking and the King to berate us. But we really expected nothing less. πŸ˜‰

PC: The Inner World – This game is dystopian point and click adventure. Mathew and I made it through the first chapter-ish of the game with a few struggles. Which I was really glad for. It made me feel like a kid again when I would struggle with Putt-Putt or Spy Fox. The story is intriguing and the main character is very endearing but the not so good treatment he has endured, I find to be heartbreaking. I also loved that this point and click adventure didn’t leave out any of the fun nonsense clicks that I always loved in point and click games. ❀

PC: Euro Truck Simulator 2 – It’s crazy how quickly things leave you. Like controls and keyboard driving. I was definitely not so good going back into this. At one point I could not figure out my turn signals OR how to bring up the control menu. It was bad news bears. After a couple not so great crashes, I started to get the hang of it. Naturally that when I stopped playing. πŸ˜› I honestly have far too much fun just driving around in a semi virtually. Great game all around. Side note: playing while drinking is next level difficulty and playing. BUT DON’T ACTUALLY DRINK AND DRIVE! πŸ˜€

Well that’s all! Lots more gaming is coming soon!!

Stay classy and sassy ❀


What I’ve Been Playing Wednesday!

Look at what I’ve been playing!

Another Wednesday, another day to talk about the video games that I have been playing recently! What a wonderful day!

Let’s just jump right on in.

PS4: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix – So, last time I said I was watching Mathew play this more but this time I played it more. Mathew has blown through the game up until Atlantica. And Atlantica was my favorite world, I absolutely love The Little Mermaid so much so of course I’m going to play this world. Well because Mathew has been such a boss and blown through the game, we areΒ slightly under leveled for big giant Ursula. And the constant dying while trying to beat her is both amazing and embarrassing. Of course the conclusion that we are under leveled only came after I died about five thousand times and Mathew about three. And of course I was beyond frustrated at that point so grinding to level up was the last thing I wanted to do so the controller went right back to my even-keeled man. And then shortly after we decided to be done for the time being but that’s besides the point πŸ˜›

PC: Broken Age –Β  I have a huge love, admiration, and respect for Double Fine. So naturally I must own and play all of their games right? It’s a no-brainer I picked up this game when it was on sale on Steam most recently. (It was like super cheap guys, great deal) As soon as I purchased the game and got it downloaded, I started playing it. I really enjoy the appearance of the game. Double Fine’s art and design is something that I think I love the most about their games. That and the enjoyable stories. This game specifically is wonderful because it’s two (so far) stories that you can swap back and forth between. This is great because with it being a point-and-click adventure, often times I find myself to get in those frustrating moments of not knowing what to do but not wanting to quit or look up the answer so I am then able to just swap to the other character and try to advance that story.

PC: Toontown Rewritten – Okay, so for those of you who do not know what Toontown is, your childhood was terrible. Just kidding. I grew up playing Toontown which was a MMORPG through Disney. It was very kid friendly. No cursing, no numbers to be used, you weren’t able to give personal information about yourself none of that, which was great for parents. Well the character in the game were toons; dogs, cats, horses, pigs, ducks and a couple others, I think. In tradition cartoon character style they had gloved hands and these were the good guys, the playable characters. You got to design your character some and pick a silly name and off you went. There were tasks to follow to help you along, your weapons were gags things like pies, squirting flowers, things to drop on foes, etc. You used your weapons on the bad guys which were called cogs, there were different types of bag guys, bossbots, lawbots, sellbots, and cashbots. They all made fun of boring adults in corporate America. You as your toon were basically fighting against the mundane corporate America with your happiness, laughter and gags. It was fun and silly and I absolutely adored this game as a child. Well in true Disney fashion they pulled the plug on the game and it all went away. Until I found project Toontown Rewritten. This project has brought the game that I loved to dearly back to life and I am able to play it whenever and for free. I go through period where I am all about the game and then won’t touch it because since its a MMORPG it’s very grindy and I personally can only take so much of that before I am bored and need to move on with something more stimulating to me. I currently have to defeat 900 cogs, 300 cogs in cashbot HQ, 100 5 story buildings, 150 4+ story buildings. So it’s quite a lot of the same thing over and over right now. πŸ˜‰

What have you been playing? Anything I should be playing? What do you think of these games?

Stay classy and sassy ❀

Video Game Organization

How I Organize My Collection

Hi there and welcome friends!

Today I thought I would go over how I organize my video game collection and give you guys some tips on how to organize and optimize what space you have, especially if it is a little bit of space like I am (Seeing as I am confined to one room).

I personally asked myself what I wanted to display most and what I wanted within reach (or close reach). I also wanted everything to look good as well as be close by. I decide I didn’t need my PC games super close by but I did want them to be displayed somehow. I found it important for my GameCube, Wii, Wii U, and handheld games to be displayed prominently as these were the things that would be growing the most as well as what I would be reaching for the most. I wanted all my Sony systems to be close by but not necessarily the focal point of my display.

I personally like to try to use every inch of display space possibly while still being able to see everything. I like to fill in the row on the shelf first and then do columns on top of my rows. This way you can still see everything but you get more on one shelf.


I will also “hide” some of my games.

I put my PS3 games in these lockers because they’re great for storage. They don’t take up much room and I can fit a lot in them. Plus they are perfect sized for PS3 game cases. And I don’t really use my PS3 as much as my other systems so having them nearby if I want them is great but not having them within reach just makes sense for me.


I have all my cased PC games in my closet to have them all where I can admire them but not to take up “prime real estate” because I just never need to grab them because of everything being loaded up on my computers and discs just aren’t really necessary anymore.


I also will “hide” some of my games because I have a lot of “pretties” (like my wonderful Slytherin crest). I like to display my pretty things but I also need places to store my games. So a perfect compromise for me is to have all my PS1 games in one of my organizer cubes and then have some of my pretty display items in front. πŸ™‚


Making sure my games are in alphabetical order is also key to keeping my collection organized and looking good. It helps me keep track of where things are, what I have and still need, as well as what I have lent out to friends.

Just remember above all to have fun with it. I always enjoy moving things around and organizing things differently. Especially when I get new pretty things.

Let me know what you do to organize your collections! Feel free to leave pictures too! I always need inspiration. πŸ™‚

Stay classy and sassy guys ❀

More PC Speak!

Learn more about my PC!

Hello and welcome back my wonderful and amazing friends!

So remember before when I talked about my experience with PC gaming and how I said that my PC was not done?


The time has come. And it is done.

All done. And I am in love.

So this thing has come together because of some pretty amazing people. First of which is my Dad because without him, I would not have my motherboard. Second of which is my amazing and loving man, Mathew. Both of them worked to piece this thing out and Mathew had the patience to teach me how to put most of this thing together. Because I know I was frustrating with it. But it’s together. And I actually had a hand in it. Which is amazing in itself because of the fact that I have never had a hand in building any of my PCs before. And this is the first PC that I have had since I was ending middle school/my freshman year of high school. And that’s quite a time back.

But let’s get in to the fun things about this PC build. What the heck I actually put in it.

I have an ASUS 270 Maximus motherboard. It’s freaking beautiful. Lights and everything. Like omg.

My CPU is an Intel i-7 7700k.

There is also 16GBs of EVGA super clocked RAM.

Some super pretty purple LED fans.

A hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler.

Corsair 650 watt semi-modular power supply.

500GB M.2 Samsung 850 EVO SSD.

500GB Western Digital hard disk drive.

And the best part; my boyfriend’s old ASUS Strix R9 380 4GB.

And that is my PC.

She’s beautiful and my friend and I am very attached to her already.

Except that graphics card. That WILL be changed. Hopefully in June or July. But it will do it’s job for now. And oh man does it.


Let me know your thoughts and what y’all are rocking! πŸ™‚

I hope you all have a wonderful and amazing weekend! Stay classy and sassy as always ❀

Whatcha Been Playing Wednesdays!

What I have been playing recently!

Welcome and hello friends!

Funny how it’s gotten to be another Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday already! (Especially since I didn’t post it last week! ;))

So these past three weeks I have gotten a fair bit of gaming in. Mostly because it’s been three whole weeks! But it still is never as much as I want to get in. But I feel like even if all I did was eat, sleep, breathe games it still wouldn’t be enough for me.

Wii U: Paper Mario Color Splash – Surprise, surprise here right? πŸ˜› This game. Oh my goodness. I dread finishing but I am so excited to finish it. It is honestly getting to be a pain in my ass. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love and enjoy the game. But. Yes, there is a but here. I’m starting to understand why there was hate for the game. As the game progressed it just seemed like developers were like, “Oh no, we need to make it more difficult but how?” Instead of focusing on a GREAT story line (don’t worry I do like the story line), they decided to add in upside down worlds, cooking elements and game shows. And honestly, the cooking part of it just made me straight up mad. Ask Mathew. He’ll tell you all about the rage-y messages I sent him while playing this. That moment actually helped pushed me over the soon after edge to rage quit. The fighting Larry on the train and him getting HP fed to him is so frustrating. All of that plus having to wait on a slow Toad to help you make it so Larry wasn’t being fed HP while throwing cards away was too much for me. At that moment. We will see when I cool off enough to pick the game back up. πŸ˜‰

PC: Golf With Your Friends – This game. Is so great and yet so frustrating. As I have said before, I really enjoy playing it with the boyfriend and just casually talking. But oh my gosh. Some of these levels I swear are made just to make you say all the cuss words in the book! I love this game because it’s different from most mini golf games. Plus I enjoy the challenge (for the most part). It makes me want to be ballsy-ier on certain levels to try and go for that hole in one. Or to kick Mathew’s butt. Either way. It sometimes works out for me. πŸ˜€

PC: Sims 4 – I knew it wasn’t a good idea to try to get my sim to have twins on my first go with toddlers. But yet, I did it anyway. Especially on a play through that I have decided to not use cheats on. So what did I do? Hired a nanny. Thank goodness for nannies. They help me keep my toddlers alive, not murder my husband and keep the social worker away. The bigger issue is (or non-issue as I will some times look at it) I knew that when I downloaded the Sims onto this PC that it was going to become my life. Well, as most of it as it can become has. But as much as I just want to go on and on and on about this, I’m not going to. I think I will save some of my crazy Sim times for a different blog post, that should be happening soon πŸ˜€

Not too much but I did spend a good chunk of my time on each game so that’s good!

Until next time, stay classy and sassy ❀


PC Gaming With Collinswoah13

My review on PC gaming

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to this wonderful corner of the internet!

Today I am going to talk about my review on PC gaming from a console gamer’s perspective. As y’all have seen and read, I recently got a gaming PC (its a work in progress at the moment though so no spec speak from me. Yet.) and I have been playing a lot of Steam because of that. Well I thought it was about time to give you my review and opinion on all this.

Now I do most of my gaming on consoles of some sort except for the The Sims. I always had a soft spot for that PC game series, which you can read more about here. So ever since the whole “war” (PC vs. console), I was on the console side, and I still am! Don’t worry. But I did/do bounce between Sony and Nintendo on that side but I never was (and I’m still not) a “PC master racer.” Don’t get me wrong, the games can look better and more beautiful on PC but you’re meant to use a mouse and keyboard toΒ really compete on PC and I just find something truly rewarding and almost magical about holding a controller in your hands.

I know this sounds like I’m just crapping all over PC gaming and PC gamers, but I’m really not. I respect them so much. I didn’t understand or realize how much goes in to a PC; all the money, time, research, etc. until I started this process with my boyfriend. It’s a lot of work. With consoles, its simple, it’s already built and decided for you. Just grab, hook up and play. A PC is uniquely you, you’re not gonna find someone with the same parts and components as you which is super cool.

One thing that I prefer about PC gaming over console gaming is the libraries. So many times its been a case of I have to have a certain system or I have to hook the system up to play that specific title. The nice thing about PC gaming is (as long as your PC can handle it) you’re not restricted. You can play pretty much everything.

Also the sheer size of the library is just impressive. Its really catered to everyone. As you guys have been reading in my Whatcha Been Playing Wednesdays, I have been craving and playing a lot of point and click adventures. There seems to be an almost never ending supply of those on PC. On console I’d have to deal with what I get or shell out more money to buy more hardware to get more options. Which I have no problem with. I love my game consoles and my game collecting πŸ˜‰

I am very much still getting used to mouse and keyboard controls when it comes to gaming. Yes, I know I could use a controller but I figured that if I was going to do this then I needed to go all in. But I do have to say I can see the appeal. Especially if you get a good keyboard and mouse that works for you, which thankfully I invested in both of those and love my choices. I am interested in how things will be once I start playing a little bit more competitively instead of just playing my solo games that I have been playing. I know that it will cause more than one rage induced rant and many rage quits.

My loyalty always has and always will be to consoles. BUT I understand and appreciate the “PC master race” side of the argument. There are going to be things that I will prefer to play on PC over console (cough, cough GTA V) but there is just something about console gaming. If you are a console gamer and get the opportunity to give PC gaming a good shot, I highly recommend do just that. Its an amazing platform and has opened my eyes to so many different things and games. I think it also gave me a little bit more of an appreciation for consoles.

Until Wednesday, stay classy and sassy ❀