Looking Through Blue Tinted Glasses

An update on me

So ya girl finally got hit with the winter sickness.

And the winter blues.

Which is why two posts were missing from last week.

So I want to be up front and honest with you guys. My mental health has been deteriorating over the past couple of months and I’m doing everything I can to hold on to what I have and build back the rest.

Which is why I want to share what I have been doing to try and help myself. To hopefully help you guys that are having a tough time like I am.

I’ve been reading a lot more, taking the time to myself to read, just to get out of my head for a bit. Books have always been my biggest escape from the world so getting back into that is nice. I recently picked up a bunch of new books (not that I need them, because I don’t, my backlog is HUGE).

I’m also trying to remind myself to get dressed, even if I’m going to be at home all day because looking nice is sometimes half the battle, especially with me because some of my current feelings have to do with the way I look. Plus if I already fought myself to get dressed and ready for the day, I’m more likely to go out and do something, which gets me moving and active which is a good thing. Plus I’m making myself go out. I drag myself out of bed and to work when I don’t want to (which is saying a lot if I don’t want to go to work as I love my job). I’m just trying to keep a normal and consistent schedule. For me, inconsistencies are sometimes an issue for me, especially when it comes to my social anxieties.

Which keeping a normal and consistent schedule also means doing a lot of the same things even when I’m at home. Which is really tough. I don’t always want to work on my blog or my Etsy shop when I get super down but (trying to) stick with these things really do help.

I also am making sure I tell people what’s going on the best that I can and talking to them. Being upfront and honest with a lot of the people in my life makes it easier to go to them or leaves them understanding a bit more why I may cancel or reject an invite to go out and do things. Though the people I surround myself with are amazing and a tremendous help, they can’t do everything, which is why I started seeing a psychologist again. Now this particular psychologist is someone that I saw in the past and both decided together with where he is located geographically and my schedule and a few other things to go our separate ways so I will be venturing in to new territory as I start my journey finding someone new, that I am compatible with. Thankfully he gave me a recommendation but we will have to wait and see.

Seeing someone is a lot of different emotions. I know that I am the first to support and even sometimes push friends and loved ones towards a therapy route to help them but at the same time it’s hard to get to a place where you, yourself is ready to go forward with it. I know I just got to that place.

Just like anything else, I have my good days with this and my bad days. Today is a sort of bad day for me. But all I can do is take it one day at a time and see what tomorrow brings.

Stay classy and sassy.



Trying New Things

Directional shift of the blog!

Hello and welcome back y’all!

Let’s take care of a little bit of business real quick here. So Monday I hit a milestone… 100 POSTS! What?! 100. Posts. Holy crap that is so many. Wow. I can’t believe it. I would have never thought that I would be at this point. Especially because I was terrified to take the leap to start this blog. But I’ve done it. Here we are! And I want to thank you all for it. I couldn’t have done it without your support. You guys reading my content are the reason why I continue to do this. So thank you.

I know that lately I’ve been doing more creative things instead of my “typical” content. To be completely honest I’ve been enjoying it a lot more. It’s been a struggle but in a completely different way rather than what I was doing before. It’s causing my creative juices to flow and to flow a lot more. With that being said I’ve been wanting to try some new things in the creative sense.

I officially want to try to being a creative blogger. I don’t know exactly what that is going to entail but that’s what I want to be. I want to challenge myself creatively. With my writing, my crafts and drawing.

Woah, wait, crafts and drawing?


I want to start drawing more and sharing those with you. Good or bad. Hopefully they’re good. For my sake! Ideally I’d share my drawings and either together or completely me, make a short story or poem or some sort of writing along with it. Or it be stand alone work. These are all just ideas being thrown out here.

As far as crafts go, I’d really enjoy sharing my journey of making things and exploring new crafting types, like crochet, refinishing things, sewing, cross-stitching, etc. It’d be fun. Or terrible. I will be showing my success AND my fails. So be ready for some frustrated posts! šŸ˜›

What do you guys what to see? What do you suggest I do or try? Like these ideas? (If I hear nothing I will assume you all LOOOOOVE these ideas!)

Stay classy and sassy ā¤


Friday Reflection

My thoughts on the last couple weeks.

Hello guys and welcome back!

So Fridays seem to be one of my most difficult days to publish lately. It’s hard to get myself to just sit down and write and post. The easy fix, I know is to do it ahead of time and just schedule when my posts are going to go up but I’m not quite there yet in the productivity department šŸ˜‰

I think today would be a good day to just reflect on the last couple weeks, especially since I have myself sitting down and writing. For now. šŸ˜›

Today marked the end of my second week in my new job. So was I too soon in saying how happy I was and how much I loved it? Nope. Not at all. I fortunately am working for the same company I was before but in a completely different department. It’s exciting. A very much needed change and a welcomed change of pace. My hours are set for the first time in quite a while. I have weekends off, every single weekend. Now that is something I am trying to get used to! The work is great. I feel like I have a lot of power to make changes and help the company as well as others but at the same time very little power. It’s weird, I know. But that’s the best way I can explain it without saying what I do for a living. Which I won’t, for personal reasons šŸ™‚ But I really enjoy the people I work for and work with. I feel that I’m already fitting in and I’m beyond happy every single day that I leave work. Which is just the best feeling ever. That and the added energy that I have.

Enough about that.

So the other night I had the absolute pleasure of getting together with a lot of the people that I used to work with in Dayton. Now I don’t think we have all ever been in the same place at the same time ever. But like 95% of us finally got together and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. Now these people were my family for 3 years and I am also lucky enough to call them my friends. Being able to catch up with one another and relive the “glory” days was the best. They are some of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of meeting and working both for and with. I would share the amazing picture we took but I want the also respect their privacy of not being plastered on my blog ;P

Overall I just feel a relief in the last couple of weeks. A relief from a lot of the burden I felt that I had been carrying. A relief from the sadness and anxiety I had been struck with. A relief from the stress that had been plaguing me.

I also have been feeling incredibly humbled and blessed with everything I have been able to experience, do, achieve, and have in the last couple weeks as well as in general. It’s funny how when you’re going through it a lot of the time, I know myself is guilty of this always, but we can’t appreciate or understand it. Once it’s passed us by that’s when we realize it wasn’t that bad or it really was greater than we thought, etc. I know that I realized that about the “crap” I had been going through before this life change.

Which is why I think it’s important that I’m reflecting on it.

To put it out there for myself and others, both going through it with me or going through their own. Always reflect and be open and honest about it. You may completely surprise yourself, I know I have.

Stay classy and sassy guys<3

My Reason for Being MIA

Why I’ve Been Gone!

Hey guys, I know I didn’t post at all last week, which is very unlike me. And I have to say I’m really sorry for that. I needed to take some time for myself. I honestly still think I need to take some more time for myself but I’m going to try and balance both posting on here and taking time for myself. We will see how it goes šŸ™‚

Nothing too bad has happened. I just have a feeling of being stuck and trapped where I am at and by a lot of different things. Which makes me feel quite down. I know it’s not a bad thing to be at a standstill and to wait but sometimes it just does feel bad. I’m working through being okay with it while also figuring out what all I really want as well as how to go about getting it. And then making sure I stay as close to that path as I can to ensure my success in all ways and all facets of my life.

But back on the up and up! IĀ finally put together a Google document of all the GameCube games I still need for those of you interested. It can be found here.

I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and magical weekend! Be warriors in all ways, and be kind to one another. And as always stay classy and sassy.

Life Update!

Sharing where I’m at currently in my head and life.

Hello and welcome back to this little corner of the Internet šŸ™‚

So let’s have a little update chat.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on everything; my attitude, my weight, my dreams, my goals, my desires, etc. I want to overall be more positive like I feel that I was last year but it’s honestly difficult. It’s much easier to dwell on the bad and not so good and let that all overshadow the good that happened. Though with my positivity some days are better than others but on those good days I can see the difference in everything. Especially those around me. With being able to actually see the change it definitely helps motivate me to see the silver lining and hold on to the good.

I’m also back at the fitness game. Again. But it’s better to be back at it than not at all. I have been working on being more active every day by either going for a walk or riding the exercise bike that I have access to. I’m thinking this time is going to stick because I’m not doing it alone. Mathew and I are doing it together even when we’re apart. We’re holding each other accountable and making sure we both do something every night before we get to do the more fun things, like game. šŸ˜› And I’m trying to make this time more fun. When I’m on the exercise bike, I’m watching an anime and I’m limiting myself to only watching that anime while exercising to draw me to workout more often and longer. So far so good! And having a workout buddy is making a huge difference too. I can’t wait to see how this keeps going.

My reflecting has lead me to set some obtainable personal goals to work towards over the next few years as well. I am aĀ very goal oriented and goal driven person. If I have a goal in front of me, I don’t just want to achieve it, I want to crush it. Setting goals for myself helps remind me I have focus and purpose. It helps me keep my head up and keeps me positive about my future. I want to be successful and the way to success is to set yourself up for success, which is what I am doing. šŸ™‚

Life isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always go my way but I love what I get to do, the people in my life, the rewards, the risks, and myself. I feel very rich every single day in all that I have in my life. The positivity will continue and so will the fitness. Everything else will fall in to play and will happen for a reason.

Stay classy and sassy guys! ā¤ Enjoy your weekend!

Life Update with Collinswoah13

Where I have been!

Hello and welcome back guys!

As many of you know, my posting schedule is set for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And last week I didn’t post on Wednesday or Friday. And there is a good reason for that.

Following my divorce and moving, I decided it was best to move back in with my parents until things settled down and because quite frankly, I don’t want to live alone. Well my grandmother lives with my parents as well in her own little apartment suite connected to the house. She’s a wonderful lady and is almost 86 and has been super independent and didn’t really need us. Well, sometime Tuesday night she had a major, major stroke. We found her Wednesday morning. It turned my world upside down.

My grandmother is my last living grandparent and I have be rather close to her and her late husband (my grandfather). I took this rather hard. We didn’t know what to expect since we had lots of doctors telling us different things and that we would have a better idea the following day. But one of the doctors basically told us to expect her to be a vegetable and not to make it. That killed me.

The next day, my grandma was doing a lot better. And she’s been slowly but surely making progress every single day. She may have her hard times and darker moments but she’s a miracle.

Over the weekend we were able to move her in to a rehabilitation hospital to help her progress even further. The fact that she has been able to move so quickly and that she is almost 86 is just astounding. There has been a lot of back and forth in which how she’s really doing and if she will be able to come home.

It’s been really hard on my entire family. Very emotionally draining and I have been pretty much out of it since it has happened. Thankfully I have wonderful people surrounding me, especially Mathew, to help get me through this. There are positives in this and that’s all I want to hold on to.

I’m taking things day by day at this point and that’s all I really am able to do. So please bear with me through this difficult time and please pray, send positive thoughts and strength, as well as hope for my grandmother, my family and myself.

Living Life With Collinswoah13

Giving you guys an update on my life!

Hello and welcome back my wonderful and beautiful internet friends!

So it’s been awhile since I have had an open conversation about me and my life personally. Let’s change that.

It’s been about a month or so since I last updated you guys and a lot has changed and happened. All have been good or blessings in disguise. The biggest update of them all is that I am finally divorced.

Now I’m sure that a lot of you loyal readers and followers are questioning me. Especially because I gush about my boyfriend ever chance I get. Well that’s a complicated (not really in my opinion) situation. I separated from my ex over a year ago, tried to file for divorce (with not a lot of help from him or anyone), the county I lived in at the time required to have the paperwork approved in order to actually file for divorce. For silly reasons my paperwork kept getting rejected. Then I moved, met my perfect man along the way, and so the divorce process reset with residing in a new county and got put on pause. I had to live in my new county for 90 days in order to be able to file. So I waited and waited and waited then finally got to file (again with no help for anyone which is hard and frustrating). Once I filed I had to wait some more. After almost three month (again) of waiting I finally got my court date. Which was (AGAIN) three months away.

Divorce is not easy or quick. I happened to meet my guy during all the mess when I wasn’t looking but boy am I thankful for that. I don’t know how I would have handled all this without him and for that I am grateful forever.

I’m sure that a lot of you want to tell me you’re sorry but don’t. If you want to say something, please congratulate me instead. I’m honestly thrilled! It’s been a long and hard journey, a hard and very big lesson that I had to go through to learn. But I learned more than I could have ever thought I would about myself. And I’m finally a free (legally) single woman! YES!!! šŸ˜€

Another thing that has taken place in the last month or so is that I got a new (to me) car! Good ole Oliver (that was my previous car’s name, yes I name my cars and pretty much any other technology in my life) was dying. My 2003 Honda Accord EX had been my best friend (yes, legitimately I considered him one of my best friends) for seven years and had 254,000 miles on him. It was time for a new friend.

Cue my intro for my new car. Her name is Vivian. She is a black 2013 Honda CR-V EX with only 54,000 miles, she is a shy girl. I love to give my cars names and personalities as you can see. šŸ˜› The other amazing thing about her is that ironically a Honda CR-V is my obtainable dream car and here I am at 24 and I own my obtainable dream car. I’m a simple woman when it comes to most cars and dream cars and so here we are. šŸ˜›

So those are my two big news worthy happenings as well as blessings in disguises. Now on to some more generalities that have been going on.

Lately,Ā I have been planning some exciting things to take place but my issue at the moment is both follow through and a lack of motivation. I need to be the change I want to see but I also just want to play around and have fun rather than sit down and get to work which is an issue. I can sit here and point fingers all day at others in my life for not being on me to do things and all that but that wouldn’t be honest. I don’t know what exactly it is but it’s like I’ve lost a bit of my drive somewhere along the way recently. I just know that I really need to find it and get it back. I’m not sure exactly how I am going to do that but I’m going to try. Just like everyone else, I wish there were more hours in the day. It’d make it all easier but I would probably end up still procrastinating and not do what I should be doing.

And while we’re at all the honestly, I might as well give you guys a fitness update. The fitness update isn’t too good looking. I have gained weight and I’m not happy about it. But have I done anything about it? No. Why? Because again, I’m missing that drive and motivation to follow through with it. I honestly think that my next step with this is to try and treat myself almost like a child with it; bribing myself. I really want this to work and maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. I won’t know until I try it and I will most definitely keep you guys updated with it.

Overall though I could sit here and grumble and grump about all of the bad but that’s not right. I have a lot of good going on and I need to keep focused on that. The negative things hurt and suck and I’m disappointed with where I’ve let myself get but I just keep telling myself that there’s so much more than that because there really is. Struggling is just part of the journey. It keeps you humble and allows you to enjoy the good that much more in my opinion. Which I have found to be really and honestly true. Just try and remember that next time things do awry.

Stay classy and sassy, loves ā¤